Sizing Chart

Here at Brightspot Nails, we know that not everyone has the same sized nail beds, so we’ve created two sizes:  of decals to better accommodate a wider range of nail beds more appropriately. And Now each size has 3 lengths to choose from.  Please order the size that best accommodates your nail sizes.  If in doubt, we recommend choosing the larger size, which can be cut down to fit if necessary.  The petite sizes image is actually resized smaller so you still get the full image, just in a smaller size. 

Each card will have a step down sizes to each row.  here is a visual of the largest decal on each card.


To measure your nails:

Place a piece of tape across your nail from side to side at the widest point, pressing it down to the nail as smoothly as possible.  Use a pen to mark where the tape meets the sidewall of your nail bed on each side.  Remove the tape carefully from your nail and measure from line to line.  Repeat for each nail.